HOA Meetings
Property Management
July 21, 2020
September 15, 2020
The management company for our subdivision is Crest Management.
November 17, 2020
January 19, 2021
Mgr:  Christopher Sharp       281-945-4616     Christopher@crest-management.com
 March 16, 2021
 May 18, 2021
Asst Mgr:  Matthew Caskey   281-945-4645   Matthewc@crest-management.com
 July 20 , 2021
 September 21 , 2021
Accountant:    Jon Clark  281-945-4626    Jon.Clark@crest-management.com
HOA & ARC Forms
Texana HOA Board Exterior Modification Request Form
                  President:                        Andrew Wilde
Design Landscape Guidelines
                  Board Member:          Kathy Kerbow

Texas Plant List

                  Treasurer:                       Larry Willman
Builder Guidelines
                  Board Member:            Tim Byers
Texana Bylaws
                  Board Member:         Carlo Mercado
Deed Restrictions Sect. 1                  Deed Restrictions Sect. 2
  Deed Restrictions Sect. 3                 Deed Restrictions Sect. 4
Architecture Review Committee Deed Restrictions Sect. 5                  Deed Restrictions Sect. 6
                  Board Member:              Greg Coco
Resolution & Fine Schedule          Assessment Collection Policy
                  Board Member:               Ann Heil
Rain Barrels, Solar Devices, Flags & Religious Items
                  Board Member:               Kathy Kerbow
Articles of Incorporation                 Management Certificate
Ft Bend WCID#3 Miscellaneous
FT Bend Co WCID3 website
Gate Remotes are $20, contact Shelley Richards at 832-363-7763
WCID #3 GRP Fee Explained
Garbage pickup is Wednesday and Saturday morning
  Trash company is Best Trash 281-313-2378
  Best Trash Pickup Info
  Report Street Light Outage
  Nest Cameras
  Nest Cameras Large